Kit Yan Production’s Intern Position

We are looking for an intern in the NYC area to work closely with Kit's assistant.  A successful candidate would be interested in: Queer community building; have an understanding of intersectionality; interested in Spoken Word/production, art management, activism; be a motivated, organized, self starter; and located in the New York City area.

Intern would work on tasks that are crucial to the building of Kit's work such as developing databases, attending local shows, and bringing creative ideas to the table. The intern would work 5-10 hours a week on tasks as assigned and would attend professional development/productions meetings every week or two weeks depending on need.  The person selected would also have the opportunity to work with Kit on writing and performance development.

We are interested in hearing from you about why you would be a great addition to the team, tell us about yourself through a letter of intention and a resume.

This is an unpaid internship. 


Please send applications to


Talk About It: Talking about Queer/Trans suicide and depression

I recently made a video for the Talk About It campaign Original Plumbing magazine launched to talk about Queer and Trans adult suicide and depression. 

OP asked me why I decided to make a video for the TALK ABOUT IT video project.

The short answer is — I was asked. I can’t say that I would have done this without watching Amos and Rocco’s video and then being directly asked to talk about q

ueer and trans adult suicide and depression. It hurt to make this video. And as a trans person of color from Hawaii, telling doesn’t always come to me. I feel like I don’t have the right language, or the right, or I am tired of talking. And even after I saw the initial video, I didn’t feel strong enough to make my own. But then Michelle Tea whom I respect and love so much sent an email asking as well and said she recorded one too and then I felt a little more capable. I’m gonna work on asking people, if it feels like an ok thing to do, what’s going on in their hearts, in hopes that I can pass on this feeling that someone cares enough to ask and hear.




Come watch Melissa Li and The Barely Theirs, The Pushovers, and I perform this Saturday!

Hello Everyone!

I am really excited to be performing a piece this Saturday, August 11th at The Branded Saloon.  I am equally as excited to watch Melissa Li and The Barely Theirs and The Pushovers,  put on an excellent show.

Show starts at 9:00pm and you can find more information here.

Hope to see you all there!



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Upcoming Shows!

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2014/2015 Dates:

May 27: University of Washington, Bothell, WA, 1pm.

 June 13: Feel It, Speak It, Boston, MA. 

June 25: University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, 7pm.

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