Back in NY Feb 2012 Update

Hi Friends and Fam! 

I'm back on da mainland, I pretty much dissapeared for 2 months to write and get my mind right at home. 
I'll be back on the road shortly starting with Ohio State tomorrow and then all over the place. 

Did you know...I'm on the 2012 Sister Spit Tour?! 
It features curator Michelle Tea, Dorothy Allison, Justin Vivian Bond, Erin Markey, Brontez Purnell, Cassie Sneider, and me!

Did you know my NEW album is for SALE?!

Here's a pic of what I did at home, more to come!


Napping on the black sand beach with my Hawaiian Sea Turtle friends!


Photo shoot with Dapper Q!

COOL! Check out my photo shoot pics in Dapper Q alongside some of my friends and beautiful community members!



Ms. Tang Tang Show Tonight!

Hi Folks!
I'm in SF for the National Queer Arts Festival in the Ms. Tang Tang show, an all queer all asian live talk show featuring: Mia Nakano and the Visibility Project(pictued here), Skim, D'Lo, Jai Arun Ravine, Philip Huang, The Rice Rockettes, and hosted by Tita Aida! The show is produced by the Festival, Choyoh Productions, Queer Cultural Center, and the API Cultural Center. 
For most of you who aren't in the bay, you can watch it live tonight at 730pm PST at 
The tech rehearsal yesterday was amazing and the show's gonna seriously rock so hard.

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